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    Note: After taking over the job of reviewer for the EvO:R website I found myself loaded with CD's to review and my email box was filled with people asking when and if I planned to review their CD. I promised everyone that I would give them an honest and timely review.

     The Buddy Ivory Band- is a party band without question. Their music is best listened to with a cold adult beverage in your hand and another on the way. I like party bands because they don't take things too seriously. They are not trying to save the world or feed the starving. They are just trying to have a good time playing music. Party rock is more like an escape from the world we live in.
    We need more bands like this one.
    The bands website only introduced the band members on a first name basis so I won't bore you with band bio's but I will say that the piano player kicks ass.

    I tried to find a couple bands that might compare to this band and I thought about ZZ-Top because both bands played around with vocal effects so the singers voice comes across flanged or phase shifted. This worked well for both band because neither band had a very aggressive singer. It took a little getting us to but after a couple listens it all made since to me.

    Periodically the band would settle into a slow groove tune that had shades for Carlos Santana (and I love Santana).
    Now, Buddy Ivory is no Carlos Santana on guitar but his chops are well defined without being arrogant. He gets his point across and for this type of music who can complain. Just keep those beers cold and the ladies hot!

    What was missing from this CD is the same thing that is missing in many indie CD's. A really catchy Hit that would bring me back over and over again. All the songs where good but none of them are great. This is not the fault of this band as I have noticed this for years. Very few Indie artists can write that true defining song that they can take to their grave with them. With that said I don't think Buddy Ivory was thinking hit songs when the band went into the studio. They just wanted to deliver a good time, and they did.


    From Jay Adkins with Off the Chart Radio in the UK
    " A Great fuse of country meets rock music hard edged songs perfect for a long summers drive pop it in wind the windows down and cruise into the sunset
    Fav track : Alabama Fighting Men"

    Jay Adkins

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    It’s a pleasure to hear a blue’s album that isn’t just the blues. Cause, let’s be honest, the blues vein has just about been mined out as far as originality is concerned. Buddy Ivory’s original music encompasses elements of rock, country, funk, rhythm and blues, and the good stuff that sometimes falls in between the cracks.

    The amazing thing isn’t that Ivory has grabbed some of the good things from contemporary music; it’s how he’s managed to blend such disparate elements into a reasonably seamless whole. Every artist strives for a signature style and it’s noteworthy that Ivory has managed to do this on his first time out. I occasionally hear ZZ Top style licks, but I’m sure this is entirely accidental.

    Diving further into the music, the listener discovers that Ivory has spent a bunch of time carefully putting together lyrics. They’re a little bluesy, sure. But the words are worth listening to all on their own when you get tired of focusing on the tunes. Ivory stays away from standard blues subjects, unrequited love, no money, no job. My favourite is “Shadow Play”, a noir-ish little piece.

    My complaints relate to the production and recording side of this album. I think there’s too much use of reverb and the sound is a little murky, which made me wonder if there was something wrong with my stereo. But no, the iffy sound was coming straight from the production methods used. I also find that the songs are a little uneven in that the drums occasionally take centre stage and become very obtrusive.

    On the whole, though, Ivory’s sound is definitely attention-getting and guaranteed to make people sit up and notice.

    Summary: Takes your ears hostage and won’t give ‘em back.

    Genre: Rock-Country-R & B
    Label: Buddy Ivory Productions

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    1. Alabama Fighting Men
    2. Pretty Faces
    3. Shadow Play
    4. Organ Grinder
    5. Wait for Me
    6. Change of Direction
    7. Nothing But A Thang
    8. Someday You'll See
    9. Dime A Dozen
    Buddy Ivory
    Rough Cut©
    Buddy Ivory boasts a variety of musical influences and genres mixed to create their unique sound. From rock to country, blues and R&B, Rough Cut has it all. The guitar licks are sharp and the drums do what the band set out to make them do – keep the beat lively and have the listener at least tapping their feet. Dancing would be much more satisfactory for Buddy Ivory, as they try and produce music that “will make you want to get up and dance.” They want you to “get your groove on.”
     “Alabama Fighting Men” is a song highly influenced by the country genre, while “Organ Grinder” is decidedly rock. “Shadow Play” is a very interesting track in its style and approach. The lyrics are more spoken than sang, and the deepness of the voice sounds like Barry White. The guitar and keyboards bounce around to fit with the image of shadows jumping in and out of sight, giving the song a mysterious, yet comforting feeling.
     “Wait For Me” opens with a very fun intro and continues to keep the high energy of the CD going. The only thing that takes away from this song is the backup vocals that sing “wait for me” which sound out of place, if not just out of tune. An effect that Buddy Ivory sometimes uses is an echo of their vocals. While it seems like a minute detail, it either enhances the gritty sound, or is just another added noise, and in places on this album, the echo is not needed.
    The guitar playing in “Change of Direction” is fantastic; the vocal quality may leave something to be desired. However, the singer sounds like he’s having such a good time, it’s easy to forgive and forget. “Nothing But a Thang” pays homage to what players were doing “back in the day” with a nice 3 ½ minute instrumental. 
    “Someday You’ll See” is another track that has very good instrumental composition, and shows how the band’s playing skills are highly developed. Unfortunately, the singing sounds a little out of tune and wavering in spots, but again, the singer’s passion for his music shows through.
    Buddy Ivory’s debut album, Rough Cut, shows the band’s ability to produce many different sounds of music, and do it well. It showcases their talent of rocking out, playing with passion, and having fun. With some work on the vocals, Buddy Ivory will be a complete package deal.

    Christen Staff 
    February 22, 2009  

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