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Buddy began playing guitar at age thirteen. That year; for Christmas, he wanted a drum set but received an acoustic guitar with strings which seemed like oak trees.  He wanted nothing to do with trying to press his fingers on those things. Thus, having no interest for this, he did not practice but had to suffer through lessons his parents provided.

With teachers more interested in talking about bowling leagues and playing music he did not like, there was very little inspiration to get the job done. He left the instrument lying around for months and basically went through the motions of practicing such hits as "Red River Valley" and Skip to My Lou". With all his friends listening to "Wipe Out" and "Louie Louie", Bud had a real musical identity crisis.

Some time later; at a church social, one of his peers' bands was playing and the lead guitarist played the guitar behind his back.  That was all it took. He was instantly inspired.

Returning home that night, Buddy sat upstairs in his room, with his favorite records and proceeded to figure out the notes and chords and basically taught himself how to play.

This was the start of many years of performing with a multitude of bands and venues. Buddy has worked with many groups including stints with Axis (original music/covers), Nottingham (covers) and Redeye (original music ).  He has had many hundreds of hours recording time and thousands of gigs as a performer in night clubs, Military (Officer's Clubs), Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, outdoor concerts, and private parties. You name the Venue, he has probably performed there.

Having managed and performed with Redeye for over five years and working constantly, he got married, had a baby, went through a divorce, and stopped playing for a while. After all this, decided to give it a rest as it was becoming too much like work and not fun any longer.

After the 911 attacks in 2001, he decided it was time to get back into performing, especially writing and recording.


BALTIMORE, MD — Buddy Ivory is proud to announce the potent, soul-shaking release of his debut CD, "Rough Cut". Buddy Ivory and his band expertly lays down grooves that are tastier than an all-you-can-eat buffet. The songs, a kaleidoscope of rock, country, funk and rhythm and blues, say more with less – they ditch the pitch, and get right down to the sale. Buddy strongly believes that seriousness has no place in music, and this is evident in their songs.  Buddy Ivory says, “Music should be fun. I feel that life is far too short to sweat the little things, and the passion of the music reflects the enjoyment and fulfillment we derive from it.”

Fun is the mortar that firmly holds the 9-song "Rough Cut" together, from the smooth groove of “Shadow Play” to the B-3 flavored funk of “Nothin’ But a Thang.” With the release of "Rough Cut", Buddy Ivory has landed a knockout punch in his battle to recruit fans nationwide. No one is immune to the highly contagious songs, which are skillfully penned and expressively played. Or, as Buddy would say, “Our music is a cross between traditional R&B, rock and roll, country, and down-home soul. It MUST have a beat, and get you off your seat!”

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